Why Do Babies Need Baby Lotion?

When you bring your newborn into the world, caring for the child becomes your top priority. Many first-time mothers have concerns about newborn skincare. Newborns’ skin is sensitive and prone to irritation and dryness. Although newborn skin rarely requires additional moisturization, it does become dry after baths and may require a small amount of moisturizer to replenish the natural skin oils lost due to bathing or dry air. As a result, it is safe to use lotion to protect your child’s skin. Check out baby lotion malaysia here if you want to purchase baby lotion for your baby.

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A covering called ‘vernix’ covers the skin of newborn babies. This is a waxy layer of protection that protected their skin from the amniotic fluid while they were in the womb. This layer begins to peel off within a few weeks of birth, giving the appearance of dry, flaky skin. The skin beneath this layer is sufficiently moist and does not require additional moisturization.


However, if the baby’s skin appears to be very dry, especially around the ankles, elbows, and hands, you can use a moisturizer. When the vernix is peeling off, it is safe to use petroleum jelly, olive oil, or Vitamin A-D cream to help with the appearance of the skin. If you must use store-bought moisturizer, choose one that is mild, fragrance-free, and has been recommended by your newborn’s pediatrician.

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The skin of a newborn baby is actually quite moist beneath the outermost layer. It does, however, require lotion or a moisturizer because it can become dry when exposed to dry air in the room or after a bath. Bathe your newborn baby no more than three times per week to avoid stripping the baby’s delicate skin of the oils that keep the skin soft and supple. The skin of a baby is delicate and prone to irritation and eczema. As a result, lotion or moisturizer may be required to soothe skin irritation and combat baby eczema.


Tips on applying lotion to your newborn baby:

  1. Apply lotion after bath
  • Baths can dry out the baby’s skin, so use a fragrance-free, gentle lotion afterward. Thoroughly clean your hands. Spread a small amount on the palms and fingers of your hands. Massage the baby’s body gently so that the lotion spreads evenly.


  1. Use lotion on areas with dry skin conditions
  • Apply lotion to dry areas of the baby’s body, such as the ankles, elbows, and hands.


  1. Avoid using more than one product
  • Do not use more than one product on your baby because the chemicals in commercially manufactured lotions can harm your newborn’s delicate skin. Choose the one recommended by your pediatrician and stick with it.

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If your baby has extremely dry, itchy, peeling skin, as well as redness, he or she may have eczema, and you should consult a pediatrician right away. Baby eczema is most commonly found on the hands, face, and back of the knees. You should also see a doctor if the baby’s skin remains extremely dry despite using a moisturizer.


Although your baby’s skin is sufficiently moist and does not require lotion, using a gentle lotion is not inherently dangerous. Consult a doctor before using any new product on your baby.