What Is The Function Of A Metal Roof?

Metal composite tiles are highly regarded in the roofing tile market because of their waterproof and corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant and noise-resistant characteristics, and are the new mainstay of the building materials industry, and are welcomed by all kinds of users. So in addition to this, what are the advantages of roofing with metal composite tiles?

Metal tile roof paving fast

Due to the light weight of metal composite tile, single piece area, high efficiency of paving, easy to unload and carry, in engineering applications, can significantly improve efficiency, save manpower, shorten the work period, installation of labor relative to glazed tile, cement tile and other tile materials, can save several times.

Metal tile roofing durable

Metal composite tile is more durable, in general, can be used for many years, even long-term exposure to the harsh natural environment can also ensure the stability of the colour, roofing tile can also be used normally. The surface is flat and smooth, the waterproof performance is good, the self-cleaning performance is high, and there is no need to carry out too much maintenance in the process of use, which solves the big problem of maintenance roofing difficulties, and at the same time the metal composite tile has the advantages of good wind resistance, earthquake resistance, safety and firmness without falling off.

Metal tile roofing is safe and environmentally friendly

The use of traditional bricks and tiles will consume land resources, and after use become construction waste can not be recycled, resulting in waste. The metal composite tile is a new generation of lightweight building materials which is strongly advocated and promoted in China, the product is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can be recycled.

Metal tile roofing for a wide range of applications

The properties of metal composite tiles show that it is very plastic and has a wide range of applications for all types of public buildings.

Metal composite tiles have a good structural strength, a good deformation ability, and unlike traditional materials like concrete, metal sheets are more easily adapted to temperature changes on roof surfaces, as long as the construction is properly designed, the waterproofing and drainage effects will be good. If you would like to install roof tiles, you can contact metal roof specialist, RGS for further information. 

The villa uses metal composite tiles, when laying the upper and lower tiles lap, horizontal tiles can not be good seam butt, so that the roof forms a tightly integrated whole. Traditional tiles are subjected to gravitational forces on sloping roofs and will slowly break away from the wall over time, resulting in a fall. The light weight of the metal composite tiles reduces the influence of gravity on itself, and at the same time, combined with the exquisite laying technology, it closely fits together with the wall, strengthening the effect of solidity.