Major Economic Rise in Bintulu, Sabah.

Bintulu is a major industrial port that has a high potential of becoming a capital of energy-intensive industries in Malaysia. Unlike its neighbor,  Sarawak Tourism Board, Bintulu Development Authority is making their effort into turning Bintulu into a tourism paradise. The harbor zone to the east of the town is the Petronas Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Complex. As of now, LNG is the biggest and largest liquefied natural gas production service on a single location, conjointly the exception to begin with Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis plant.


Bintulu is known as an amazing place for ‘earning a living with many property advancements other than the distribution centers, industrial system, and industrial facilities. Bintulu is to be a fully-industrialized city. The efforts into turning Bintulu into tourism is by getting into considerate development projects such as Bintulu Paragon and Town Square Bintulu.

The initial wave of financial change that empowered the fishing village with less than 70 population is due to the revelation of offshore gas areas and commercial advancement. 

The next wave of financial change is the major improvement in shipping ports by the businesses that supply the oil and gas region. One of the best shipping companies in Bintulu is the Mediterranean Shipping Company (M) Sdn.Bhd.

With the appearance of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy and the supervision of Sarawak’s palm oil downstream processing, currently, Bintulu is heading for Malaysia’s heavy industrial capital status.

Bintulu also has its own tourism spots like Mulu National Park, Longan Bunut National Pak, Bakun Resort, Lambir National Park, Niah Caves, Rejang Pelagus, Bario Highlands, Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary, and Belaga. Based on WTW property consultant, in Bintulu, the brand new shop offices are situated more towards the Parkcity and urban areas, out of Bintulu Old Town Commercial Centre. This is because the availability of the land is limited in the existing town center sector. 

The shopoffices expansion focus in the urban region like Kidurong and Jalan Sultan Iskandar. The retail department has a constructive development. Bintulu Paragon Street is the current new project in the Bintulu market. The current established 3-story terraced shopoffices in Bintulu were executed at costs of RM950,000 to RM2,500,000 per unit.

The other two new major projects are Times Square Mall and Commerce Square that just recently completed the construction. There are many commercial projects that have just completed construction such as Kidurong Commercial Centre and Kidurong Commercial Park

The latest established cost for private properties is between RM366,000 to RM698,000 for double-story terraced houses and RM647,000 to RM840,000 for a double-story semi-detached house.

The hike in the job creation center and the rise of potentiality particularly for the retail, shop office, and housing made admirable property prices in Bintulu able to industrialize capital East Malaysia with an increasing number of talented workers.

To conclude the whole article, the rise of the economy in Bintulu is not just based on the offshore oil rig and shipping industry but also the construction industry.

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