Human Resources Management: Know The Areas Of Expertise

In order to carry out the different activities that are part of a company’s HR routine, the ideal course is that of a technologist in Human Resources Management. In this 2-year studying bachelor of economics Malaysia, the student is prepared to assume various positions relevant to the area, including management positions.

The HR area is like a vital organ within an organization. The Human Resources sector is more than a personal department, responsible only for the company’s bureaucratic processes. The HR manager started to make possible real changes in the corporate environment. In this scenario, both the company and the employees benefit from the implemented practices.

To have a proactive and effective performance, the professional in this area needs to have a solid education, with broad theoretical knowledge and understanding of the profession’s practices. Among the disciplines that make up the curricular matrix of the HR Management course are the following:

  • Math;
  • Organizational behavior;
  • Right;
  • Communication and Language;
  • Philosophy;
  • Sociology and Anthropology;
  • Administration;
  • Economy;
  • People Management;
  • Labor Legislation;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation;
  • Safety, Health and Quality of Life.

bachelor of ecnomics Malaysia

What Activities Can Be Performed By HR Managers?

Of course, all the activities developed by this professional are in the area of ​​Human Resources. However, anyone who thinks that this is a non-comprehensive profession is mistaken. The HR manager can occupy different roles and perform various functions in a company.

Entrepreneurs recognize that the main element of their success is human capital, that is, employees. This means that, with employees engaged, trained and aligned with the organization’s objectives, productivity tends to increase.

Recruitment And Selection

Companies, in general, have a team focused on recruitment and selection activities. It is the sector responsible for planning and executing all the stages of a company’s selection process, which includes: job vacancies, resumes screening, contact with candidates, interviews and dynamics, among other actions.

Personal Department

Bureaucratic processes are the responsibility of the personnel department. The documents and rights of employees depend on the activities carried out in this area, such as: contracts, time control, payroll, vacations, leave, payment of benefits, terminations, etc. This sector is, therefore, a fundamental gear for the smooth running of an organization.

Training And Development

The training and development area of Widad University contributes to the engagement of personnel and, consequently, to better results in the organization. This is because the actions carried out aim to train and motivate employees.

Among the duties of the HR manager who works in this area is the assessment of the profile of employees, in view of the skills that can be developed, as well as the needs of individuals and the team.

Based on this survey, specific training programs are developed, always with the purpose of optimizing the organizational culture and promoting gains for the company and for the participants.

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