How to choose the right college?

And now, we come to one of the most important points in this discussion: choosing the right college for you. For this, several factors must be taken into account.

First, look for kolej kejururawatan di Malaysia that is recognized by the evaluations of the Ministry of Education (MEC), responsible for analyzing whether the place can offer good training to professionals, in addition to the position in educational rankings as Best Colleges.

Then separate three possible good college options. From there, start looking for individual information, such as alumni’s experience, the image in the labor market, time on the market, results, and values.

kolej kejururawatan di Malaysia

Job market and social position

If you are thinking of Nursing as a career option, but still have doubts about your future with this profession, rest assured, this is guaranteed!

The market for Nursing is very heated and this fact does not change. This is because health professionals are needed by society as a whole and anywhere in the world. Therefore, there is no lack of opportunities.

As this is an essential profession for society, nurses are in great demand and find job vacancies easily.

Regarding salary, currently, the average salary for a Nurse is in the range of R$3,200, but this will depend on the location, type of specialization, performance and length of experience of the professional.

Therefore, it is important to know all areas of Nursing and choose the ideal one for you, which will meet your expectations and goals in life.

With training in Nursing, you can work in many fields, such as:

Home Care Nurse

As one of the fastest-growing areas in Nursing, Home Care Nurse is nothing more than home care. This happens when healthcare companies offer home care to patients.

The Home Care Nurse is responsible for analyzing the situation of the place and the patient, defining the best treatment and/or care options, and providing the service.

General Nurse

General Nurse acts as a kind of person responsible for the entire functioning of the place, both in relation to the practical part of the care, as well as bureaucratic issues.

This professional will work with the coordination of nursing teams and will assist patients in different states.

Pediatric Nurse

As the name implies, this professional takes care of the Pediatrics sector, that is, he is specialized in child care.

The Pediatric Nurse will take care of children from 1 month of life until the end of adolescence, so they need to deal with a diverse audience and deal with work in a more human and empathetic way.

In addition, this professional can be responsible for patients with simpler to more severe cases and specific treatment.

Surgical Nurse

The Surgical Nurse will work with a team of more diverse professionals since, in the case of surgeries, the role of physicians, anesthetists, and assistants is also involved.

This professional is responsible for a good part of the pre and post-operation, with care, recommendations, medications. In addition to assistance at the time of surgery.

Rescue Nurse

This specialization is aimed at people who like to act more intensely. The Rescue Nurse is responsible for checking the status of people in danger and safeguarding their lives as much as possible.

Thus, it is a work to save lives that most of the time are in more critical situations and that need to be immediately attended to.

Emergency Nurse

As in the previous example, the Emergency Nurse also needs to have a sense of immediacy to resolve serious situations quickly and effectively.

This professional deals with patients in a state of emergency or urgency and needs to provide care with greater coolness and under pressure.