Fast Internet is Essential by Jom Apply

Unsatisfactory Internet speed is one of the dilemmas that a large number of us have experienced in the past. Some had to spend time and money in cybercafe centers to complete assignments (or even play Dota 2) because the Internet speed at home was unsatisfactory and some even had to wait all day just to download a document.


Now, your day is easier because there are various types of high speed Internet plans or services that have already started booking sites in the market.


However, there are still various questions playing in our minds, “Is it important for Internet users in Malaysia to have high speed Internet in their homes?” Through this article, we will share the reasons why high speed Internet should be installed in your home.


Do you need high speed Internet?


Jom Apply Unifi has Faster Broadband Service

Nowadays, Wi-Fi facilities at home not only connect the Internet to computers, but also to other electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, smart TVs and even to your Wi-Fi speakers. Most individuals in a household now have at least 2 devices that require a Wi-Fi connection, which is why the number of devices that require a Wi-Fi Internet connection can increase to 5 to 6 for a household.


The number of devices available in a household makes it difficult for them to get comprehensive coverage if they only rely on the average Internet speed. With the availability of high -speed Internet, it can ensure that the entire household can enjoy a smooth Internet experience even with the number of devices connected.


Jom Apply Unifi Can Cater To Meet Your Demand For Services Like Netflix

Are you someone who enjoys subscribing to services from content providers like Netflix, Spotify and YouTube Red, or do you own a Chromecast at home? Without high -speed Internet at home, it is difficult for you to enjoy your favorite movies and TV series without any interruption. You may have to wait for hours and miss the most interesting scene because it is still in the process of “buffering”. Try Jom Apply unifi fibre plan.


High -speed internet also allows you to enjoy a full HD video experience, even stepping in step with 4K video quality. There is no reason for you to refuse the installation of high speed Internet at home.


3) Also It Is A Reasonable Price For High Speed Internet!


High speed internet at an affordable price? Most of us think that the price is high to get a good deal.


However, their perception was wrong because the high -speed Internet experience can be enjoyed at an affordable price. There are lots of broadband speeds to choose from, there is no reason to say no to high -speed Internet at home. Sign up now!

4) Upload Speed Is Very Important!


Most of us assume that the speed of the Internet is measured based on the time it takes to download a certain amount of data, and this determines the speed of the loading time of a website. Internet speed does not just depend on that element alone.


Upload speed plays an important role in determining the speed at which information is sent to a website.