Data Backup Device in Malaysia: Introducing Alpha Backup System

There are so many things to consider if you want to start a business. In the world of digital business, the safety of your data cannot be taken lightly. Losing your data and your client’s data is the last thing every successful business wants in its career. This is where data backup comes in. Data backup is a technique that combines approaches and solutions to ensure that backups are efficient and cost-effective. What will happen is your data is duplicated to one or more places privately and at pre-determined frequencies. You can either build up a flexible data backup operation using your own architecture or use available Backup as a Service (BaaS) options in combination with local storage. There are numerous corporate storage TCO solutions available today to assist you in calculating expenses, avoiding data loss, and preventing data breaches.

There are multiple options when it comes to data backup devices in Malaysia. Alpha Backup System will save you the trouble. With Alpha Backup Service, you will get enterprise-grade functionality, both physically and virtually. All of these at small business-grade pricing. SIRIS is an all-in-one BCDR solution for data loss prevention and downtime reduction. Their two characteristics, alto, and series provide your gadget a lot of power.

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Through their service, you will get a full image and visualization of your business organization, insights of every backup that goes through Alpha Backup System, and verifications through regular and frequent screenshots. Thanks to their architecture build, ALTO is actuated by an x64 Linux server, provide you with nothing but innovative features, a great step for you to take into the next level of futuristic security. 

Alpha Backup System is a complex is a sophisticated collection of standard and proprietary software that is integrated into a single platform. We are talking about SpeedSync, Apache, ABS ZFS, PHP 7 + FPM, KVM, Ubuntu 16.04, and the Next-Gen BMR. Nothing but the best here at Alpha Backup System. 

Now let’s talk about Alto and Siris in their very depth. Alto is a dis-based storing index, one of the best in Malaysia. Its hybrid cloud automation allows it to stand within any attacks and it is supported by backup disaster recovery (BDR), not to mention it comes at an affordable price just for you. Equivalent to servers, ability up to 2 TB, Alto operates machine off-site. SMBs can back up their servers instantaneously with the Alto thanks to Alpha’s powerful bare-metal recovery capability. Alto also keeps an eye out for symptoms of ransomware attacks and will alarm you to any. 

As for Siris, It was one of the BCDR options for a corporation that wanted to keep computer systems from failing and losing data. This cloud backup in Malaysia is a device that can restore data loss in the event of a calamity, such as a fire or a ransomware attack. Siri is an excellent Business Continuity Management tool and its latest Siris Private blocks business from collab with any third-party cloud applications. With the help of VLAN or LAN, You can just link the first and second Siris together. The first Siris is referred to as Source Siris, while the second is referred to as Destination Siris. The source Siris is the first to back up the data. Then it will send everything to the Destination Siris, which will store everything in the Siris private cloud.