Condom: How To Put It, Reliability, Size, Price

Small latex or polyurethane sheath, the male condom is a means of contraception preventing fertilization. But above all, it is the only contraceptive (with the female condom) effective against the transmission of HIV and sexually transmitted infections in the case of vaginal, oral, or anal penetration. Plus, it's available without a prescription.

How to put on a condom?

The male condom is a flexible and thin latex or polyurethane case that helps retain sperm during ejaculation and thus prevents sperm from spreading in the vagina. There are different sizes, different textures or tastes, latex-free, with reservoir. Just before penetration, gently open the packaging using the small notch provided (be careful not to open it with your teeth, long fingernails, or sharp objects such as scissors or a knife) and unroll it over the erect penis. The condom has a meaning, check it before you place it on your penis. Normally, the condom goes smoothly. If it crashes or doesn’t go well, it’s best to take another. To put it correctly, pinch the small reservoir (which is at the end of the condom) between your thumb and index finger so as not to form an air bubble, then using the other hand, unroll it to the base of the penis. You can lubricate it with a water-based or silicone gel (available in pharmacies or sex shop online Malaysia) before or during intercourse.

Some precautions to remember

-The condom has an expiry date: always check it before use and check that its packaging is
not damaged or opened.

– Store condoms away from heat and in a dry place

-For each report, you must take a new condom

-Never stack two condoms on top of each other

– The condom must cover the whole penis, if the rubber case only covers half of the penis, it is
because its size is not suitable

-Don’t use a male condom together as a female condom

– To lubricate it, do not use petroleum jelly, oil, or butter as this weakens the condom.

How do you remove a condom?

After ejaculation and while the penis is still erect, remove the condom with one hand. On the other hand, hold the condom at the base of the penis to prevent semen from leaking out. Tie it up and throw it in the trash, especially not in the toilet bowl.

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