Celebrity Recommended Skin Care Tips 

Flawless skin, an unrealistic beauty standard, or something truly achievable with skincare?

Perhaps truly not. Not even celebrities have flawless skin unless they do some airbrushing on photoshop. Skincare has been part of us for the longest time. Even ancient times had their own beauty and skincare secrets. From the mud of volcanoes to the natural hot spring, people believed in their healing and glowing power of the skin. Some of these have resulted in extremely superstitious practices around the world. Some claim these bizarre things to do work. Some say it is simply a hoax. But whatever floats your boat, I guess?

Coming back to skincare, it is practiced by all, loved by all, and craved by all as well. But it can be a very overwhelming process. Especially with the number of information and products we have. Some say just drink water. Some say sleep for eight hours to get flawless skin. Some say invest in the best liver specialist in Malaysia because there is a close connection between liver health and the health of our skin. A liver specialist certainly might not fix up the acne we have, but supplements are also recommended by many.

So whose recommendations do we take? Sometimes it’s hard to trust even the celebrities with the most gorgeous skin. It is hard to take the advice of beauty gurus who are paid off by advertisements. It is even hard to trust the label of skincare. But science can recommend us the best. Technology is advanced and there is a science to back up even the celebrity recommendations.

So let’s take a look at some of the scientifically backed celebrity recommendations on skincare tips!

Cutting Back On Alcohol And Double On The H20

Your Saturday night out drinking can do a lot more damage than you may realize. As much as we love to believe that all celebrities drink and party all night, they really don’t. They need to get their beauty sleep and they believe in the power of hydration. They know that one of the most dehydrating liquids to consume is alcohol. Alcohol overconsumption is not only bad for our liver. Overconsumption not only puts us at risk of liver diseases that may require Hepatitis medication and treatment in Malaysia, but it also deteriorates the health of our skin. Dehydration and intoxication can be extreme killers. Rihanna, one of the world’s biggest celebrities, and the queen of a skincare and beauty empire recommends we double down on the water and cut back on the alcohol.

Daily Moisturizing

Daily moisturizing is another correlation to the importance of hydration. Hydration is not only important in the consumption form. It is also important to pack extra heat in our skincare routine, all with moisturizers. Celebrities like Rihanna, Selena Gomez all swear by the importance of hydration.

Never Skip On The Sunscreen

Ever wonder why celebrities never seem to age? Maybe it is their truly expensive routine or maybe it is their investment in the SPF. Doctors all over the world and skincare gurus are relentlessly telling us to put on daily sunscreen. Sunscreen is important in reducing the exposure of our skin to UV rays which are extremely damaging to our skin. Sunscreen can prevent the onset of wrinkles, reduce damage to the skin from the rays of the sun, and improve our overall skincare routine.

Don’t forget to stay hydrating, lathered in moisturizer, and SPF for healthy, happy skin.