Are You Ready To Have A Baby?

 No one is safe from the charms of a blue. Every now and then we are hit with baby fever, especially when we see all the cute babies on youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Our baby fevers and blue also kick in when our friends announce their pregnancy or we see them glowing with their baby bumps. Whether we adopt or we conceive, we still want to be blessed with the cuteness of a baby around our home. However, are you really ready for a baby?

Babies are not only for couples who are married for a long period of time. Whether your marriage is a decade or two days, the length of the relationship may not change how you feel about having a baby. Having a marital status is also not necessary to have a baby. Many do not conform to the current standard of society to be labeled by marriage to show they are in a happy relationship. And again, we don’t even need a relationship to become a mother or a father. Many opt to be single parents in their life either by conception and adoption. 

Babies are bundles of joys we simply could not overlook. But are you ready for this oozing load of cuteness that comes with the biggest expenses of your life? Not to mention, it is also the biggest responsibility of your life too. 

Perhaps the first sign that you may be ready to have a baby is the fact you genuinely looked around for signs of readiness both in yourself and your partner. The signs of readiness are not only limited to your physical being but mostly your mentality. Having a baby is a huge responsibility since you are no longer only taking care of your own life but also someone else’s. your habits define their mental health and their physical health too. So are your habits, mental health, and active life ready to take on the responsibility of a baby?

Taking care of a baby comes with inevitably restricted time for ourselves. If you are not ready to bring in a muddle of both chaos and excitement in your life, then it is time to take a step away from the baby idea. Many are apprehensive about the idea of compromising their very serene life with self-care habits and fun hangouts. 

Let’s come to the most obvious sign that both you and your partner are ready for a baby. It is the feeling of loneliness. Sure, we love each other’s presence. We enjoy hanging out, eating out, and making new memories together. If you feel like you are both still enjoying each other but ready for an additional companion in the family, then it is time to think about a baby. Parenthood is a new journey for couples!

Last but not least, is your financials in order? Everyone knows babies are expensive. From their toddler age to adulthood, we have to support them. And ofcourse, while diapers cost a hundred bucks a year in an online baby store malaysia, a college education looks even more expensive. 

Ready to take on the baby journey? Think about much you crave the companionship of babies and your desire to become a parent. Your feelings matter over external influences.