5 Easy to Cook Recipes Your Kids Will Enjoy

Most children are known to be picky eaters, especially meals that doesn’t interest them. Hence, the best way to pull their interest, why not cook the meals together? Here are 5 recipes that are easy to cook, and your kids will enjoy helping with. Not only the recipes are fun to make, but it also will test your kids’ creativity. Spend some quality time together while having fun making simple, delicious meals! 


Cake Pops

As the name suggests, cake pops are made out of cakes, but it’s easier to eat as it’s in small portions. If you have any leftover cake in the fridge, just take it out and let your kids mush it into pieces. If the cake has too much frosting, you should scrap them off first. Gradually mix the frosting with the cake pieces and mould them together. When the mixture sticks together well, scoop it into small balls and stick them on Popsicle sticks. Put them into the freezer for an hour. While waiting, you can prepare the icing and the decorations for the cake pops! Take the frozen cake pops out and get creative! Let your kids decorate the cake pops till their heart content. Afterwards, just put them back into the freezer for another hour, and you’re done! Delicious cakes on a stick! Who wouldn’t want that?



Easy to cook recipes

Tortillas can be both, a hearty breakfast, and a fulfilling lunch. You can be creative with the filling, too! All you need are tortillas and your favourite fillings. Let your kids decide what filling to put in the tortillas first, then you can put some of yours afterwards. If you don’t want your kids to get suspicious of the greens you’re putting as the filling, just chop them up to tiny pieces first. Just remember not to overflow the tortillas, it’s better to let the filing snugly placed in the tortillas! Serve the tortillas with your favourite dipping sauce!


Fruit Salad

Salad would be the last thing that your kids want to eat. But it would pique their interest if they join in with the preparation, especially when given the chance to be creative! Fruit salad is both simple and fun dish to make – it’s healthy too! Just prepare the fruits first, peel their skin off and take the seed out too. From mangoes, watermelons, strawberries, kiwis, and many more fruits to choose! Afterwards, let your kids handle a dull knife (with supervision) to shape the fruits as they like to. Another fun activity to do is create a fruit basket out of watermelon to put the salad in! 


Pizza Toast

Easy to cook recipes

Everyone loves pizza. Probably one of the many types of food that is favoured by children around the globe. Sure, you can simply order a pizza delivery, but it would be better to make them instead! You don’t have to go all out with a pizza dough (you can if you want too, though). Just plain bread is enough, because pizza toast is like a kid version of the actual pizza. Plus, it’s safer for the kids to make them! For the toppings, you need tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, sliced sausages and diced bell peppers. Lay the bread on a tray and place the toppings one by one – sauce, cheese, sausages, peppers. Make more to fill the tray and put it into a pre-heated oven for 5 minutes. Take it out afterwards and then garnish with parsleys.



Another fun recipe that you can try making with your kids is smoothies! The fun part is like choosing your own adventure. Trying out different combinations of ingredients to make delicious – or questionable – smoothies! Of course, you can go simple and make normal smoothies just to be safe, but you can try asking your kids what they want to put in their smoothies. Just make sure they’re safe and eatable ingredients. Go on an adventure and discover many recipes for various smoothies


These are just some ideas for recipes to make with your kids. Other than fun to make, they’re easy and affordable too. There are many other easy to cook recipes out there for you to try out and enjoy. Spend some quality time with your children and let them get their creativity on! 


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