3 Tips To Help You Through University

A student at an MBBS university in Malaysia juggles several things– school, clubs, work life, social life. And this is a crass oversimplification of reality. There are many in-betweens that are unaccounted for– the mishaps, the inconvenient late nights and impromptu trips. Making yourself organised is probably one of the most important tips given to any university student. It is a significant tip to succeed, however, sometimes being organised is not the end-all. When you go to university, you are going to experience life, not just school. Therefore, a balance is required to maintain a healthy mindset to carry you through your studies. There are numerous tips on the internet on how to succeed in university and many of them ring true. We give you four of our own to help you out so that you can achieve the best experiences in university.


1. Learn To Prioritise Your Work

It’s a Thursday evening. You want to go out Friday night, but you have a stack of assignments due the following week that can’t be done in a single night. What do you do? There are three different ways this could go. Skip the date with your friends to do your work, leave it until after you get back, or start your work and continue when you get back. Whichever one you pick, work has to be a priority. Therefore, if you feel you deserve a break, then take it, but remember that there is work that you have to get through. It is better to start your work and continue with it; better yet to finish it, however going out without touching it may prolong getting it done. Procrastination is real and dangerous. Do your best to stay on top of things so that you are not overwhelmed.

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2. Spontaneity Is Not Always A Bad Thing

Sometimes, a quick break from the books can be good for your health and your work. Spend a good hour away from your books to catch up with friends or family, or spend the time alone doing something you enjoy. While your work is the main agenda for being in university, you should let life side-track it at times. As mentioned previously, university is about experiences. Stepping away from your books can help you with your concentration and improve your mood when faced with that pesky assignment that refuses to do itself! Living according to a timetable or schedule is not always easy, so be gentle with yourself and learn that sometimes it is better to step away from your work.


3. Explore Other Things, Too!

Your degree is important, but so are your interests. What lies outside of your degree can help solidify your knowledge, or it can help you explore other avenues that you had never considered. It makes you a more well-rounded person if you are not only focused on your degree, but also enjoy other activities. Join student societies and clubs. Try team sports or run for student government.