Why you should continue to study?

Hi there! Are you one of the students that had graduated from high school or any university? You need to keep in mind that you really need to keep learning to succeed in career and life. Once you graduated that doesn’t mean that you need to stop from further study. When you stop study it is like you stop yourself from gain proper knowledge from proper educators. You need to know that it is really important for you to continue study to get a better life for yourself and maybe for your future family too. Here is some list for you to consider to continue further study. If you thinking to continue to study why not be one of the “fakulti pengurusan maklumat” students because there also many courses under the faculty.


  1. More knowledge

When you further your study you will get more knowledge and this will help you with your future. You will never know when you need to use your future so go and future your study now. Someone once said that people will use your knowledge once you are in a problem. It is true that now you do not have the problem yet but who knows one day?


  1. Gain confidence.

Other than you get more knowledge, you also can gain more confidence. You know what when you have the knowledge you can speak and tell also explain about one topic very details and when people see you like that people will know that this person really has the confidence to speak and also they know that you really use the knowledge to speak. When you continue the study, you also can confident when you do your assignment task like for example when you do public speaking or presentation. 


  1. Improve social network

The person who continues the study also can improve their social network because once you in university or college you will meet more people and starting from that you will know more about people’s behavior, people’s styles and many more. University or college is only a starting point for you to know the world once you get a job you will know how the world will treat you and it is really different from school and also college or university. When you meet people you can know more people and it might help you in the future,for example, like you might be involved in business and no one knows that maybe in the future they will be your client and pretty sure it will make it easier because you already know them. 


  1. Improve discipline

You also will improve your discipline when you further your study because once you in college or university lecturer will give you some task and give you the datelines for the task. You will learn how to be disciplined and complete the task before the dateline. 

In conclusion, you really need to further your study and it is really important because you can have more knowledge, gain confidence, improve your social network and improve your discipline and all of this is for yourself not for anyone else. Now, you know about the reason so why not consider further study under “fakulti pengurusan maklumat” because there are many choices for the course that you can choose from. 

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