The Rapid Growth of Humans and Residential Buildings

As the human population is rapidly increasing, architecture companies are developing more buildings to allow more people to live in. Despite so many buildings being built, most of these buildings seem to have unique designs of their own as you can find no two areas sharing the same design. Architecture companies are responsible for the creation of some of our famous properties like Genting Highlands, I-City, Pavilion and many more with each building having a distinct design that is unique to themselves. As the population grows, these companies must design buildings to allow multiple citizens to live in one area, hence the creation of condominiums and apartments to not only help accommodate the rapid growth of population, but to also reduce as much deforestation as possible in certain areas.

Currently, there’s a trend among the architecture companies as condominiums and hotels built on top of shopping lots or malls are becoming more common. This is due to residents finding it more convenient to have access to different services within their vicinity. With convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, bars and many other kinds of store opening under them, residents will have no desire to leave their house’s vicinity when they can purchase the necessary items from stores that are a few floors below them. Therefore, most architecture companies are focusing on designing the same type of buildings while offering unique twists on their own. However, some companies go further beyond by designing architecture that would seem out of this world.

According to iProperty, Eco World Development Group Berhad is Malaysia’s top architecture company that has garnered plenty of attention in recent years. With several projects such as the Eco Sky office, Eco Sanctuary, Eco Ardence and Eco Forest all located in Klang Valley, it has attracted the attention of the general public for its aesthetically pleasant and unique design. One of their residential buildings, Eco Sky Residence, has a strategic location of being built next to a Tesco shopping mall located in Jalan Kuching and having a bakery store called Baiwago setup for residents and visitors to drop by.

Gamuda Land is one of the few contenders against Eco World as it is ranked just below Eco World. They have won multiple awards with 18 awards just from 2020 alone. They were responsible for the development of multiple projects such as Gamuda Walk and Kota Kemuning in Shah Alam, Madge Mansions in Kuala Lumpur and Valencia in Sungai Buloh. It was established in 1995 by their main company, Gamuda Berhad, and has since garnered a large amount of fame among interested parties in Malaysia and Vietnam. Since 2000, they were able to win multiple awards until 2020 with the most awards won 2018 with 30 awards.

We should appreciate our architecture companies more often as they design buildings that are unique and innovative that would leave us speechless. Without them, we would not have some of our most popular landmarks today like the Petronas Twin Tower and Kuala Lumpur Tower.

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