The Best Movies Of All Time That You Should Watch

The Best Movies Of All Time That You Should Watch

Are you a movie fanatic who is always interested in watching another movie but don’t know what you should do? Perhaps you’re a fiction enthusiast, always waiting for the next Star Wars or lord of the apes movie or maybe you’re a thrill seeker waiting for something exciting to enter into your watch list. Well then, this is the place you should be. After reading and researching a lot of movies, here are some movies we believe you would enjoy. Note that these are some movies we think are excellent and may not always be something you enjoy.

First is The Wolf of Wall Street. Before we dive any deeper into the topic, have you heard about broker forex Malaysia? Well, it’s similar to that. The Wolf of Wall Street is about stock brokers trying to get rich off selling and buying stock for others. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, it shows how him and other brokers get wealthy and end up being involved in crimes with the government of the States. It’s a very famous movie that came out in 2013 and was praised for showing the true colours of Wall Street that was very much hidden in blinds until then.

Next is The Blind Side. The blind side is about a story of how an African-American boy from the hood became adopted into an affluent white family and underwent changes in his life. He had experienced loss in his family prior and became detached. The boy will then go on to become a famous NFL player and succeed in his life. Based on the 2006 book and made into a movie in 2009, the story was based off NFL league player Michael Oher and how he prevailed in the toughest of times with his new found family. This movie discusses the challenges, trust and gratefulness of Michael and how he overcame his problems.

Hidden figures is a movie gem hidden as well. Based off true events, the movie discusses racial discrimination faced by an African-American mathematicians during the heights of the racial injustice in America. Katherine Johnson was the protagonist of the movie and was the brain behind the coordinates for the re-entry of the space shuttle as well for the moon landing. successful forex trader in malaysia focuses on how the African-American community played an important role during the launch of the space shuttle during the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War.

Finally, the crème de la crème, the almighty movie The Godfather. This movie needs no introduction and is a well-versed movie in any movie fanatic’s list. The Godfather is a movie about the Italian mafia and how the leader of the mafia, hands his legacy to his son. The movie carefully peers into what a day into a mafia looks like as well as how the leader treated his enemies. It also takes a peek into the underworld of the mafia and how people around them live in fear. Though it was made in 1972, the movie has not lost its meaning over the year nor has anything come close to it since its creation.

Enjoy watching movies from this list and we hope you and your family members have a great time. Grab some popcorn and get ready for some jump scares.

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