Tenggol Island – The Pros And Cons

Tenggol Island: The Pros And Cons

Tenggol Island, located off-coast of Terengganu, Malaysia, is the last string of islands along that of other islands such as the renown Perhentian Island and Redang Island resides. Despite sharing the same popular spotlight as Perhentian Island, what makes Tenggol Island so different from its more popular cousin?

Just like the other islands, Tenggol island is popular for its diving site and it is managed by 3 diving operators called Discovery Divers, MrDive Malaysia, and Scuba Explorers. With this many operators located on an island, tourists are given the option to choose between the 3 diving operators and motivate more tourists to scuba diving destinations Malaysia without suffering from insufficient supplies of diving equipment. Some of the popular diving sites include Batu Chanang, Tokong laut, Tokong burung, Coral Garden and several wreck sites for divers to witness how these wrecks were taken by nature and are now home to multiple sea creatures. What makes Tenggol Island different is the opportunity to witness whale sharks appearing between August to October every year on certain sites.

However, Tenggol Island is closed to the public during monsoon seasons, which between October to February, due to most of the resort staff retreating to the mainland to seek shelter from the monsoon. The island also lacks an ATM so tourists are advised to bring as much money in hand as possible before making their trip to the island. Additionally, Tenggol Island is more suitable for experienced divers due to stronger currents than Perhentian and Redang which are more beginner friendly. The resorts in Tenggol Island, Tenggol Resort, Tenggol Beach Resort, and Tenggol Aqua Resort, may have a nice view as it is facing towards the beach and made as traditional wooden cabana, the resort is the only way tourists can obtain food as the island does not have any public restaurant for tourists to dine it. The resort also lacks any ground pathway and tourists have to rely on boats to get from one place to another. If scuba diving destinations malaysia seek a comfortable resort to head to Tenggol Island, Tanjong Jara Resort is the best option as you are able to take a jetty to make a day-trip to the island.

In order to get to Tenggol Island, the easiest, cheapest and fastest way is to board a Firefly airline from Subang Airport to Kerteh and take a 20 minute taxi ride to Kuala Dungun. Otherwise, tourists are required to get a flight from Malaysia Airline and AirAsia from the Kuala Lumpur International Airline (KLIA) to Kuala Terengganu and take a taxi or a bus to travel to Kuala Dungun to ride a jetty.

Overall, Tenggol Island may be a more expensive investment for a vacation as there are no other ways of retrieving extra cash during your stay in their resort. Tourists may want to invest into Perhentian or Redang Island if they want to have more entertainment and convenience in their vacations. Only tourists who are daring enough can invest into dive tenggol to experience the luxury the island provides.

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