Acquiring Halal Chicken in Singapore

There are many of us here in Singapore who love chicken! From KFC buckets, to Chicken Rice or Grilled Chicken, this poultry rather expandable in the different meals and dishes we can create with.

But what about halal chicken? If you are wondering what halal is, let me explain. Halal is the name given to certain products that Muslims can consume. It translates from the Arabic word “permissible.” If a product, in this case a food product, is to be labeled as Halal, it needs to ensure that no traces of pork are in in it and that if there is any meat from animals that Muslims are allowed to eat, the animals must be slaughtered in accordance to Islamic guidelines and rules.

As of 2018, the Muslim population in Singapore took up around 14.3 percent of the country’s total population. So it would make sense to have a sizable Halal industry in Singapore. If a Muslim person or business owner is looking to acquire some chicken meat for either their business or for themselves, they would seek chicken supplier Singapore.

There are a number of halal establishments which are quite famous in Singapore, such as the Zam Zam restaurant serving up delicious Indian-Singaporean food with their speciality murtabak! Or Yassin Kampung in Woodlands serving up delicious local favourites! Even Hararu Izakaya, the first Muslim-owned Japanese restaurant that is tatami-style dining, specialising in grilled Japanese cuisine located at Rochor.

You can find halal restaurants around Singapore you find a bunch in Arab street where there is a large Muslim presence. You can also see that most fast food joints such as KFC or McDonalds are listed as halal in Singapore but be sure to check one more time if you plan on going.