6 Starter Home Tips and House Listing In Banting

Real Estate: Starter Home Edition

Buying and owning a house is a dream for most people. It is exciting. Owning a roof over your head that you know belongs to you and the feelings of euphoria that you get just by thinking of owning it. Owning a house is a huge responsibility. You must have enough knowledge and information before buying one. Even if you own the money, you need some extra information to make sure your house is up to your expectations or at least- comfortable to live in. 

  • Plan Your Housing Situation 

Before anything, you must plan whether you want to buy a starter home or forever home. It is important to decide as it will affect your future financial status. If you are someone that looks for simplicity in life, you probably will treat your starter home as your forever home. 

  • Prioritize Amenities, Location and House Situation

First of all, location is the most important factor when choosing a home. It will determine your value property in the future, how much money will you spend on gas and other amenities available in that area. In Banting, Selangor, for instance there are some attractions available such as the Bamboo Hut at Tadom Hill Resort. Here there is a diving platform for sports lovers, water swing for some splashing fun and tarzan swing as well! 

  • Decide Financial Plan 

Now, decide how you want to pay for your home. Either saving up, borrowing from your family or through the bank. Anything, make sure that you have researched what is needed. 

  • Knowing There Are Extra Cost in Owning a House

There are many other costs in buying a home that you need to consider such as down payment, legal costs, Memorandum Of Transfer (MOT), and much more. 

  • Government Initiatives 

There are some government initiatives that will help you in owning your first home. Look at government initiatives such as PR1MA, RUMAWIP, PPR and Rumah Selangorku so that you can benefit from the government initiatives.

If you are bumiputra, look at the benefits listed for bumiputra such as bumiputra house lots, bumiputra quotas, and bumiputra discounts.

  • Research for The Best Price 

There are some real estate developers who offer various packages: early bird rebates, bumiputra rebates, free Internet for an X year, free furniture and electrical appliances rebates. There is much more that real estate developers may offer as part of their promotion. 

Here is some interesting listing on EdgeProp property that you might be interested in: 

First Listing on House in Banting


Location: Bandar Mahkota Banting, Banting, Selangor

This is a Double Storey house located in Bandar Mahkota Banting with price only from RM388k. There is a rebate and some cash back offered up to RM80k

Second Listing on House in Banting


Location: Bandar Mahkota Banting (Brooklands), Banting, Selangor

This house located in Brooklands has 4 rooms and 4 bathrooms and is suitable for families that need more space. 


Hopefully all these tips and tricks listed above can help you to achieve your dream of buying a first home. Even with a small pay slip, you can still hope to buy your first home! Good luck!