5 Ideas On How To Make A Secret Room In Your Home

When you think about secret rooms, you tend to think about secretive spies or budding evil geniuses. I mean, why else would anyone want a secret room, sequestered away from the rest of the world, other than to plot their nefarious, world-ending scheme or figure out a way to stop someone else’s nefarious, world-ending scheme. But the thing is – secret rooms don’t always have to be exclusive to fictional spies or cackling evildoers. Sometimes, secret rooms can just be for you. 


Sometimes, the world outside is a scary and overwhelming place. You might be stressed out from work, or school, or just the world in general – overwhelmed by all it’s expectations and the tasks you’re expected to do. And while the home is a place that’s utterly private, utterly yours, there are times when you want to curl up in a secretive nook away from the world and just let yourself be. A secret room, if you will – as a treat. 


So for those who are struggling in the outside world and desperately want a secret little alcove for them to be themselves, here are 5 ideas on how to make a secret room in your home! 

  1. Get An Operable Partition 


This might be a bit more of an expensive option – but don’t worry. It’s wholly optional if you can’t afford it! 


An operable partition is basically a wall made up of panels, which can look completely like an unyielding wall to someone who’s not used to seeing one or not sure what they are. You can get an operable partition in KL or all across Malaysia, and once you do, you can have it installed somewhere in your home; blocking off one section and making it seem like just a wall – when it really isn’t! 


  1. Fill It With Bean Bag Chairs 


Now that you have a place in your home segmented off for a secret room – time to fill it with all manner of cushy things! 


And of course, what could be cushier than a peanut-filled bean bag that you can sink your body into after a stressful day? These bean bags can be any color you want, and can be positioned all over your secret room so you can just flop yourself into it and let yourself relax. You can arrange a multi-colored rainbow of bean bag chairs, or an array of pastel hues, or just muted earthy colors for a more sophisticated air – the choice is really all yours! 


    1. Put A Tiny TV In It 


Now this is where things really get to the height of luxury! 


A tiny TV can really make your secret room something special. It doesn’t have to be a large TV, or even one of the latest kinds – got an old clunker that still works somehow, or a TV screen that you don’t really use anymore? You can drag it in, hook it up, and viola – you have yourself a nice tiny TV that you can do all manner of things with! 


After setting up your TV, it’s up to you what you want to do with it. If you’re a big fan of movies, then you can turn your secret room into a comfy theatre room of sorts, with your tiny TV blasting all the latest blockbusters or timeless classics. If you’re a fan of console games, you can grab one of your favorite consoles, hook it up to your TV, and play to your heart’s content within your secret room. The possibilities are endless! 


And if you can’t afford a tiny TV, don’t fret. A laptop works just fine, too! 


  1. Paint The Walls Your Favorite Color 


This secret room is, you know, secret – and thus one that belongs completely to you. So you know what that means: you have free reign over the room colors! 


Whether your favorite color is a hot pink or a neon green or a muted brown or just all the colors of the rainbow, you can splash the walls of your secret room in all the colors you love. That way, everytime you enter, you can smile at the colors of the walls you chose for yourself – and remind yourself that this room is completely yours. 

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