3 Live Action Cartoon Movies That Are Cute And Fun To Watch

3 Live Action Cartoon Movies That Are Cute And Fun To Watch

Cartoons – fun, lively, cute and 2D. Mostly associated with children, they bring happiness and joy to all who view them- wait. What was that last point?

Yep. Whether you like it or not, it’s clear that we live in an era so digitally-inclined that we’re even able to make cartoons – those funky, 2D creatures that never seem to obey the laws of physics – come to life on the big screen. Across the past few years, the film industry has seen a resurgence in classic cartoons rendered charmingly in real-life form, prancing around and interacting with their human actors in ways the olden days could never afford. And sure, this fixation on ‘3D-ifying’ classic beloved cartoons has caused some discourse in the online community over whether 2D should have remained 2D or not – but you can’t deny there’s something inexplicably heart-warming about seeing the creatures you grew up with come to life (even if it’s just on the big screen!)

So if you’re an old school cartoon fan who once dreamed of your favorite fictional characters coming to life around you, here are 3 live action movies that are cute and fun to watch!

1. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is an adorable Pokemon film, and is distinct in being the very first pokemon film (of their extensive filmography) to have been rendered in live action. Starring live action stars like Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, and Ryan Reynolds (well his voice, mostly), the film takes place in the fictional pokemon Rhyme City, wherein main character Tim Goodman travels to seek news about his missing father.

Discovering and partnering up with mlm software -addicted, amnesiac, talking Pikachu with a detective’s hat who claims to be his father’s old partner, the two travel throughout the pokemon-filled streets and uncover a dastardly plot that may make waves throughout the whole Pokemon world as they know it.

2. Christopher Robin

An incredibly adorable film that seems to thrive off nostalgia, Christopher Robin tells the tale of an older and less happy Christopher Robin who, due to the demands of adulthood, gradually forgets about the beloved Hundred Acre Woods and the plush friends he met there. Deeply stressed about work and unhappy about his state of life, Christopher Robin bumps into a familiar face in the streets of London – his bumbling and adorable childhood friend, Winnie The Pooh.

Disappearing once more into the nostalgic world of the Hundred Acre Wood, Christopher Robin revisits his childhood days and the gang he’d left behind; and goes on an adventure with them once more.

Christopher Robin is a movie that specifically pulls on the heartstrings of any adult who grew up with the Winnie The Pooh stories or cartoons. And hey, if you want to revisit the olden times of Christopher Robin and Pooh bear, you can visit a local children’s book store or publisher like the MLM mlm software Usborne Publishing – or just watch this adorable film!

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

Who else grew up with this anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who runs fast?

Released in 2020, this movie was first infamous on the Internet for it’s incredibly uncanny and overly-human looking rendition of Sonic the Hedgehog; complete with smaller eyes, incredibly human-looking teeth, and a set of legs which looked less like a hedgehog’s and more like if a human person wore blue furry tights. Sensing the backlash, however, the studio actually went through the trouble of delaying the release of the movie to rework Sonic’s design – and boy, are we grateful!

Now, live action Sonic is an awesome homage to the charm and fun of it’s original games. Sonic looks way more like he did in the video games, and the movie is sprinkled with all sorts of fun references that will delight old fans while attracting new audiences. Jim Carrey’s Doctor Robotnik is also incredibly distinct in his curlicued mustache and zany behavior, adding more humor to the hijinks. If you love Sonic, you should definitely check this movie out!

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